Xivaemon is an app and web development company

People. Business. Digital.
Simple things should be simple, complex things should be possible. With specialized expertise, we create powerful technologies that help develop business ideas.

We help connect people with technology

Xivaemon work with funded start-ups, SMBs, and enterprise-level clients, and we provide them with technology that improves business.
We are software developers specializing in web development, iOS and Android development. We will help you make your business dream a reality.

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Mobile app development

Android. IOS. Hybrid.
Mobile apps help people find business opportunities. Our mobile developers are committed to helping clients turn their ambitious ideas into reality.

Specializing in development for Android and IOS, we develop both native and hybrid application technologies. As an experienced application development company, we advise on secure and scalable solutions.

We provide a real and measurable experience by connecting real people's ideas and business sense.

Website development

Business. eCommerce. Dashboards.
Your website can either help your business stand out from the competition or make it blend in with everyone else. A beautiful website is important, but what really matters is how well it performs.

We adapt to the ever-changing business needs of our clients by building scalable websites. Intelligent in design and easy to use.

Talk to us about your requirements and we will help you create a smart and efficient ROI solution.

We don't know how to make bad products!
We can do what needs to be done!

Our development process

Discover. Design. Develop.
We use an agile philosophy and scrum method for product development, as opposed to traditional waterfall methods. Our customers can see, touch and test their product during production instead of waiting for the final product.

01. User Research

We work with our clients to understand their business case and clients. We use popular research methods such as surveys and interviews to understand how technology is being used by real people.

We target specific users, learn about their needs and frustrations, and use that information to improve customer satisfaction.

02. Project Analysis

We use information from user research to find top rated results and best user practices. We can even create a character to help the creative team design for the right audience. Combining customer expectations with the right user experience results in a well-received product.

03. Design & Prototyping

We create wireframes as a blueprint for the product architecture. It conveys the navigation, direction, and description of the user interface.

Interface design involves thinking about how users will interact with them and what kind of experience they will have. We want users to have a positive experience with products that look good and are easy to use. Gamification can make your design more fun and engaging where appropriate.

Prototypes are best suited for test cycles as they help ensure that the product is properly understood and user friendly.

04. Software Development

We choose code frameworks based on what works best for our client's project. For example, developing a Flutter app can be cheaper than a Native app. Therefore, our strategy is to use a programming language that is both robust and scalable.

Our development team is divided into groups. The front-end development team is responsible for the user interface of the product, while the back-end developers are responsible for the functionality of the product.

The developed progress is submitted and communicated to the client weekly or biweekly until the project is completed and ready to go.

05. Quality assessment

We solve any problems that may prevent a perfect launch.

Testing is defined as a type of software testing conducted through scripting for the sole purpose of finding bugs in the code. It concerns tests for the entire web solution or application. This helps improve product quality while reducing costs, maximizing ROI, and saving development time.

06. Further development

We recommend first launching our customer's product through a soft launch or pilot. Also known as an early release. This will help identify problem areas and allow us to improve the product before it is released.

We test our products after launch to make sure they meet our standards. All the software we create comes with a maintenance plan that guarantees its stability and the absence of technical problems.

About Xivaemon

Founded in 2013, Xivaemon is known as an app and website design company. Today we have matured and are known as a software development company that implements complex ideas.

The more difficult the task, the greater the reward. We enjoy challenges and the skills we develop as we overcome them.

We work with medium to large enterprises in various industries providing flutter app development, website development, android app development, web app development and web design.

Xivaemon has a team of open and enthusiastic digital professionals. We have full-fledged web developers, mobile app developers, and creative geniuses who handle all UX and UI tasks. We develop internationally, locally in Nottingham, UK.

We put creativity at the heart of everything we design and help our clients do more with the incredible power of technology.
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